Rio de Janeiro (ANTARA News/Reuters) - A match in the stadium where Netherlands will meet Brazil next month was held up for 20 minutes when a beehive was discovered on one of the crossbars and ended in a free-for-all among players and rival fans.

The Goiania state championship semi-final between Vila Nova and Goias at the Serra Dourada Sunday was held up after half an hour when hundreds of bees gathered at the top corner of the goal being kept by Pedro Henrique of Goias.

The fire brigade was called in and they used an extinguisher and a flaming torch to get rid of the bees with play resuming 20 minutes later even though not all the bees had gone.

Following a 2-2 draw that sent Goias through to the final, a Vila Nova player kicked Rafael Toloi as he celebrated the victory, sparking a running battle among the rival teams on their way to the dressing rooms.

Television footage showed players exchanging punches and kicks and fans throwing seats from the stands onto the pitch which they invaded to join in the fighting.

The Serra Dourada will stage the June 4 friendly between Brazil and the Netherlands, their first meeting since the Dutch eliminated the Brazilians in their 2010 World Cup quarter-final in South Africa.

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