President issues instruction on corruption prevention, eradication action plan

President issues instruction on corruption prevention, eradication action plan

Presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. (ANTARA)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has issued a Presidential Instruction (Inpres) on a Corruption Prevention and Eradication Plan, Vice President Boediono said.

He said the Inpres Number 9 of 2011 was issued on May 12 detailing concrete steps to prevent and eradicate corruption that must be taken by all state agencies receiving the Inpres.

"The Inpress contains guidelines on steps for strategic institutions to eradicate corruption within the executive branch of government," he said on the sidelines of a meeting attended by a number of cabinet ministers.

Among those attending the meeting were Finance Minister Agus Martowardojo, Attorney General Basrief Aried, head of the National Development Planning Board, Armida Alisjahbana, director of corruption cases of the National Police Headquarters, Brigadier General Ike Edwin and the chief of the President`s Working Unit for Development Control and Supervision (UKP4), Kuntoro Mangkusubroto.

Boediono said the issuance of the Inpres reflected the government`s commitment to preventing and eradicating corruption. Steps in corruption eradication and prevention cover six strategies and consists of 102 actions.

The six strategies include prevention, enforcement, harmonization of regulations and laws, saving corrupted assets, international cooperation and reporting mechanism.

"In essence it is re-ordering the working system, procedures and performance of offices considered important with regard to eradication of corruption including tax mafia which is the focus of the Inpres Number 9 of 2011," he said.

Among the offices to implement the Inpress are the police, the attorney general office, the ministry of justice and human rights and the ministry of finance.

"The Inpress is to be implemented and commitment of chiefs of the offices. It also gives a time line and monitoring system," he said.

He said the UKP4 was the one assigned to monitor its implementation.

Some points in the Inpres require the National Police chief to make a national police chief regulation and standard operating procedure on information openness.

The Inpres also mandates an SOP to regulate relations between investigators and outside parties such as lawyers, investigators` superiors and the public.

The Attorney General Office meanwhile is required to improve its SOP to cover the leaks that would make possible for judicial mafia to operate.