Labuan Bajo, E Nusa Tenggara (ANTARA News) - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will immortalize the `Komodo` lizard, as it becomes the name of the Indonesian-made tactical combat vehicle.

"Last year, the commander of the Indonesian Defense Forces (TNI) and I agreed to name the Indonesian-made tactical combat vehicle after the Komodo," the President said at the opening of "Sail Komodo 2013" at Pede Labuan Bajor beach here on Saturday.

He noted that the Indonesian-made tactical combat vehicle was not inferior to foreign-made battle vehicles, as it is agile and capable of maneuvering on varied battle fields.

"We will discuss whether we will make a decision to immortalize `Komodo` with our combat vehicle. We are proud of our komodo," the president said.

Earlier, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Governor Frans Lebu Raya expressed his hope that the komodo name would be used for Indonesian warships (KRI) or submarines.

On Saturday, the president inaugurated `Sail Komodo 2013` in the company of Senior Minister for People`s Welfare Agung Laksono and Martime Affairs and Fisheries Minister Syarif C Sutarjo and France Lebu Raya.

Yudhoyono said Sail Komodo 2013 would preserve Indonesian tourism by making East Nusa Tenggara province a world tourist destination.

"I hope the international marine event, Sail Komodo 2013, will accelerate development in East Nusa Tenggara and preserve tourism in Indonesia," the head of state said during the Sail Komodo event here on Saturday.

President Yudhoyono and his entourage arrived at Labuan Bajo in West Manggarai district on Friday and then boarded naval boat KRI Baladau 643 for Komodo island, renowned for its large Komodo reptiles that have been named one of the seven wonders of the world.

"The visit is part of the Sail Komodo 2013 activities in East Nusa Tenggara," Coordinating Minister for People`s Welfare Agung Laksono, who was part of the president`s entourage, said.

He added that there are a number of activities scheduled at the international sailing event at Labuan Bajo in the province`s West Manggarai district.

"The President spends a night at Labuan Bajo before taking part in Sail Komodo 2013 on Saturday," he said.

Planning for the event has been continuous since July 2013, with all provinces in the archipelago becoming destinations for the sailing participants and Kupang, the capital of the province, serving as the entry point.

Besides arts and cultural performances, there are also other activities that have been held to highlight the event, as it reaches its peak on Saturday


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