Solo, C Java (ANTARA News) - Thousands of residents, most of them clad in Batik, converged on Slamet Riyadi Street here on Sunday morning to mark the first anniversary of Car-Free Day.

They began to flock to the road at 05.00 a.m. with some of them cycling, walking and doing other exercises on the road declared off-limits to motorists on Sundays from 05.00 to 09.00 a.m.

A number of performances, including batik carnival, batik painting show, barongsai attraction, child leaders show and child band music show highlighted the event themed "Four Hours Solo Is Wearing Batik".

The event broke the record of the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) for the most people wearing batik. About 15,000 people clad in batik walked along the road on Sunday morning.

Solo Mayor Joko Widodo said the event marking the first anniversary of car-free day served as a means of interaction and communication among the city dwellers.

"In addition, this activity is also meant to promote batik and encourage residents to get accustomed to wearing batik," he said.

The car-free day was aimed at making Solo City comfortable, healthy and clean, he said.

In addition, it was also designed to reduce carbon monoxide emissions, encourage creativity and innovations among city dwellers in the fields of arts, culture and sports, and develop environmentally friendly traffic system, he said.

Hopefully, the activity would attract more foreign and local investors and visitors, he said.

On the occasion, Widodo, along with Vice Transportation Minister Bambang Susantono cut cone-shaped yellow rice to start the commemoration of the first anniversary of car-free day in the city.(*)

Editor: Ruslan Burhani
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