The Hague to change cooperation with RI strategy

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Netherlands government is to change its strategy for cooperation with Indonesia following the expiry of its 2008-2011 multi annual strategic program, an Indonesian national development planning official said,

"Following the end of the present Indonesia-Netherlands cooperation program, the Netherlands is to pursue a new strategy for its cooperation with Indonesia in the 2012-2015 period," Dedi Masykur, a special adviser to the Indonesian national development minister, said here Monday.

Dedi made the statement after a press conference by the visiting Dutch Minister for European Affairs and Cooperation, Ben Knapen.

He said under the present program, the Netherlands was conducting its cooperation with Indonesia through international or multinational institutions.

Under the new program it would conduct the cooperation directly including through triangular cooperation, he said.

"Ahead the cooperation will be conducted directly. So far some of it was done through UNDP," he said.

He said the new strategy would be focused on water and water- related climate issues, food security and governance especially legal cooperation.

In addition to them there will also be cooperation in higher education an scholarships, he said.

Despite financial and economic crisis in Europe the Netherlands would remain committed to give aid to support development cooperation with Indonesia. However the aid would not be as big as before, he said.

He said the aid would be adjusted to Indonesia`s position which is now categorized as middle-income countries as well as the country`s wish and plans to continue to reduce its foreign debt.

"The Netherlands still wishes to continue the strategic cooperation with Indonesia especially based on a more focused and comprehensive agreement," he said.