Jambi, Sumatra (ANTARA News) - Two units of wooden motorcycles made by Mihral, a crafter from Tanjung Pauh village, Jambi province of Kerinci district, were exhibited at the Lake Kerinci Festival.

The two wooden motorcycles greatly attracted the attention of tourists visiting the Lake Kerinci Festival, said Amri Swarta, secretary to the local tourist, youth and sports affairs here on Tuesday.

"The two motorcycles made by Mihral are unique and distinctive," he said, adding that one of the wooden motorcycles belongs to head of the local tourist, youth and sports affairs office Arlis Harun and the rest is Mihral`s private collection.

According to Mihral, he needed four to five months to produce each of two wooden motorbikes.

"Everything I made from timber except the chassis, tires, engines, lights and exhaust, with the technique of connecting the spare parts with glue or paste and then painted lacquer," Mihral said.

The wooden motorcycles were designed not only for display, but also for use on a long journey in the streets with a variety of terrain, Swarta said.

In addition, Mihral also produced the vehicle equipment such as

wooden helmets, shoes, and vests, Swarta noted, adding that the Mihral has even planned to drive the wooden motorbikes around Indonesia as an agrarian society campaign to the country`s people.

In addition, Mihral said he had received orders mainly from bikers to produce the wooden motorcycles.

Mihral, however, has not yet mentioned prices for the wooden motorbikes.

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