Solo, Central Java (ANTARA News) - The summit on sustainable development (HLD IFSD), otherwise also known as the "Solo Meeting," is being held in preparation for the Rio +20 meeting in Brazil in 2012, Environment Minister Gusti Muhammad Hatta said.

"This meeting is important because it is a prelude to a meeting in Brazil in 2012," the minister said here Tuesday.

The Solo Meeting which is being attended by 350 participants from 90 countries and 56 UN agencies and NGOs is to continue until Thursday (July 21).

Gusti added, the dialogue was very important because it was intended to draw lessons from the global economic crisis that occurred recently. Therefore, the realization of sustainable development requires strong, coherent and coordinated institutional frameworks.

The threat of food and energy crisis necessitates ​a very careful approach to economic modernization so that it would not negatively impact on other dimensions of human life.

According to the minister, economic development that relies on natural resource exploitation had led to a crisis which affects the environment.

The adverse impact of economic development that does not pay attention to the needs of society and ignores the social dimensions of the environment is felt by the poor in developing countries.

"We need a common strategy in efforts to address sustainable development that encourages a balance between developed and developing countries and still puts forward the principle of justice," the minister said.

The highly complex global challenges such as economic development through industrialization has brought prosperity to many nations, and also has a major impact on ecological systems.

The ecological systems (ecosystems) that is necessary for the convenience of human life is currently in a situation of great crisis.

In addition, the extinction of endangered species continues to occur and threaten the biodiversity. Industrial waste has become a serious threat to soil, air and water.

"We all hope that this dialogue will run very productive and constructive, thus can be an important momentum in preparation for Rio+20 conference in June 2012," the minister said.

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