Bogor (ANTARA News) - Democrat Party (PD) General Chairman Anas Urbaningrum said he was following a lesson from PD Chief Patron Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in the face of tests, attacks and slander.

Addressing the National Coordination Meeting of the PD at the Sentul International Convention Center (SICC) here on Saturday, Anas said the attacks aimed at him were nothing comparable to those launched against the PD chief patron so far.

"In recent days I can also feel strong attacks, tests and slanders against me as the general chairman of the Democrat Party. But I really learned from the chief patron that we have to remain strong in the face of ordeals. We have to stand firm and consistently wage our struggle," Anas said.

He said that he learned from Yudhoyono about steadfastness and capability which a leader must show in the face of slander and attacks.

Yudhoyono in his address at the opening of the PD meeting also touched on various slanderous allegations and attacks against him during the political competition in the last two general elections and during the two terms of his presidency.

"I saw and felt myself when we were attacked, shaken and showered with slander in two general elections," Yudhoyono said.

Nevertheless, Yudhoyono remained steadfast and called on PD cadres to remain tough and smart in the face of various ordeals and reminded them of the need to pursue future objectives.

On the occasion, Anas called on PD cadres to make use of the coordination meeting as a momentum to carry out internal consolidation to show common solidarity and cooperation.

"Democrat Party cadres must be able to prove that the issue of internal frictions within the party is merely a public perception," the PD general chairman said.

He said that the PD cadres must be able to always carry out internal consolidation until they show that their party was a big, modern and solid one.

Editor: Priyambodo RH
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