Kalideres bus terminal seen desolate on Monday

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - This year`s Lebaran holiday exodus at Kalideres bus terminal in West Jakarta peaked on Saturday but on Monday the station looked rather deserted.

"From morning until noon on Monday the number of holiday travelers at Kalideres terminal kept dropping rapidly, a quite different condition from last Saturday and Sunday," a spokesman of the Inter-city/Inter-province (AKAP) Bus Services at the terminal, Iwan Rukiadi, said.

He said that from 7 on Sunday evening until 7 on Monday morning a total of 1,367 passengers departed from Kalideres bus terminal to cities in Java and Sumatra.

According to him, the holiday exodus at Kalideres terminal reached its highest point on Saturday.

"The number of holiday travelers departing from Kalideres bus terminal for various cities in West, Central, and East Java, and Sumatra reached reach the highest point from Saturday afternoon until late at night," he said.

According to him, the bus terminal since Saturday morning has been packed with around 11,000 prospective passengers, most of whom were heading for cities in Sumatra island.

In his estimation, around 45,000 home-bound travelers from Jakarta flocked to Kalideres bus terminal on Saturday and Sunday to return to their home towns to observe Lebaran festivity with their family and relatives.

Asked about security condition around the terminal, Iwan said there was no report of crime or extraordinary events, because his side has earlier set a target of "zero crime" by deploying more security personnel in cooperation with the police and National Defense Forces (TNI).