Asia-Pacific youths discuss environmental issues

Asia-Pacific youths discuss environmental issues

LSPR (lspr)

Bandung, West Java (ANTARA News) - A total of 21 youths from the six Asia and Pacific countries discussed environmental problems of the global warming and climate change at school of communication (STIKOM), the London School of Public Relations (LSPR), in Jakarta.

The six countries are Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal, Philippines and Indonesia, a spokeswoman of Asia Pacific Youth Assembly (APYA), Vania Septiana said here Friday.

The group discussion is conducted as one activity of the Asia Pacific Youth Assembly (APYA) that carries global environmental issues.

The theme on the discussion is "Utilizing Young People to Act on Environmental Issues The Solution".

"The youths will talk about solutions to overcome environmental issues," she added.

The discussion today consists of three stages, namely the first stage in which participants will discuss in teams of several countries. The second phase, the participants will discuss in the team that come from the same country. While the third stage, the participants will discuss with all participants.

"The results of the whole discussion will be presented by the participants," Vania noted.

She said the solutions they offer will be formed into a project which will then be implemented in their respective countries.

This is exactly what distinguishes APYA 2011 with other youth conferences, Vania said.

"There are many similar conferences right now, but rarely in the end the participants should make something that can be implemented in their country, upon their return from here," she added.

APYA is an international conference that invites youth delegates from Asia Pacific countries to work together to care and act on environmental damage issues that occurs at this time.

This eventy has been going on since Tuesday (6/9) to Saturday (10/9).

"The youths who come in this event are the young leaders in their home countries. So, hopefully they can inspire those around them in making a change to a better environment," Vania hoped.

Over the last three days, all the participants followed a series of seminars hosted by a number of expert speakers in their fields. Acting as a speaker representing the Indonesian youth movement among others were Goris Mustakim, Alanda Kariza and David Sihombing.

Nyoman Iswarayoga also attended as a representative of the Wolrd Wildlife Fund (WWF) Indonesia, Wida as a representative from Ministry of Environment and a representative from the Embassy of the United States who delivered seminars on Leadership and Environment.

On Thursday (8/9), all the participants were invited to visit Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) and introduced to Indonesian culture through visits to a number of platforms.

"They also planted trees as a sign of a movement to reduce global warming and climate change which is happening now," Vania said.

APYA 2011 will end on Saturday (10/9) and closed with peak activity titled "Green Carnival".

"There will be cultural performances from the delegations of APYA participating countries," she added.