Kupang (ANTARA News) - All the ferry boats to all destinations in East Nusa Tenggara like those on the Kupang-Rote-Sabu rout, Kupang-Aimere and Kupang Ende-Waekelo routes, and to Kupang Kalabahi could not operate due to adverse weather conditions in the last few days.

"The high waves in East Nusa Tenggara reaching up to 5 meters coupled with strong winds blowing at a speed of 34 km/hour, had made us to cancel the crossing of all ferry boats in East Nusa Tenggara," Operational Manager of PT Feri Indonesia, Kupang chapter, Arnold Yansen said here Monday.

He added that his office had taken measures to stop all crossing to various areas in this archipelago following a warning from the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency to everybody especially crossing navigators and fishermen operating at sea to watch out for high waves in the next two days, from September 11 to 14.

"Right now the weather is quite good, but special attention needs to be devoted to high waves and strong winds in some parts of the sea in the province, especially in Arafuru Barat Sea, Rote Stait and Timor Sea," he said.

"The high waves were triggered by air pressure and strong winds blowing at a speed of 28-34 knots.

In Kupang and environs, wind speed reached 25-30 knots which caused high waves especially in the said waters.

In this context, PT Fery Indonesia, Kupang chaper, as operator and making measures in anticipation of the cancellation of shipments to the areas with high waves.

He said the cancellation is effective as of today, Sunday, and operations could be resumed if the weather has become really friendly, so that people crossing the sera to various areas in the province are expected to understand the situation for their own sake and safety. (*)

Editor: Kunto Wibisono
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