Lahat (ANTARA News) - Researchers from the Palembang Archeology Office have found artifacts believed to be one thousand to 1,400 years old in Kotaraya Lembak and Gunung Kaya villages, Pajarbulan sub district, Lahat District, South Sumatra Province.

Some 28 artifacts consisting of among other things a megalithic kampong, seven stone chambers, four stone mortars, a menhir or a large upright standing stone, and 11 dolmens estimated to be 1,400 years old, Kristantina Indriastuti, a researcher at the Palembang Archeology Office, said here on Sunday.

At the same location, they also found four stackable stones, the carved image of an elephant with people on it, clay fragments, and foreign ceramics.

"While at Gunung Kaya village, Pajarbulan sub district, Lahat District, they found a large vase dating back to around 1,000 years ago, or the 10th century," she said.

The dating process on the artifacts was carried out at the National Atomic Power Agency in Bandung, she said.

Tens of artifacts of different types and shapes have been found in Lahat and Pagaralam so far.

"Compared to other regions, Lahat and Pagaralam have the largest number of site findings in the world," she said.

Recently, two stone caves, a stone chair, a trimurti megalith, and a megalithic kampong were discovered at Mingkik village, Atungbungsu, South Dempo Sub district.

Lahat District Head Saifudin Aswari Rivai said his administration would allocate funds for the preservation of the ancient sites, statues and stone graves in his district.

The South Sumatra provincial administration has implemented various development programs to support Lahat as a cultural heritage site which could attract tourists.

The Kotaraya Lembak megalithic site is located near a coffee plantation around 250 km west of Palembang, and was discovered in 1988. Seven stone chambers found at the site earlier were believed to be about 2,500 years old.

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