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TOKYO, Nov. 18 (ANTARA/Kyodo JBN-AsiaNet) --

NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com) announced on November 18 that it has expanded the reach of its Tier 1 Global IP Network in Europe with new Point of Presence (POP) locations in Budapest, Bucharest and Sofia. The new global IP network POPs allow NTT Com to better enable service providers and content networks to gain access to its high-capacity, reliable and efficient network.

As a strong emerging market, Eastern Europe offers valuable opportunities to the global IP transit industry, and the new Budapest, Bucharest and Sofia PoPs will directly enable not only the growth of the regional market but also the ability for global players to effectively and efficiently connect to Eastern European infrastructure. NTT Europe, NTT Com's local subsidiary has been working closely with Eastern European companies for several years to identify how best to help them meet broadband growth demands, leading to the new investment in global IP network POPs.

NTT Com's Global IP Network Service is a high-speed broadband IP communication service operating throughout Asia, Oceania, Europe and the United States. It directly connects to the company's Global Tier-1 IP backbone, which boasts top-level bandwidth for fast, reliable data transmission, including 550 Gbps for U.S.-Japan traffic, 453 Gbps for Japan-Asia/Oceania, 87 Gbps for Japan-Europe and 100 Gbps for Europe-U.S. The network, which supports both IPv4 and IPv6, was one of the core networks for this June's World IPv6 Day trial. NTT Com's Global Tier-1 IP backbone uses peering relationships only to acquire and forward traffic, and does not depend on any other ISP as a last-resort destination for traffic.

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