Thousands of houses in n Sumatra flooded

Medan, N Sumatra (ANTARA News) - A flood triggered by heavy rains on Wednesday inundated at least 2,000 houses in Belawan subdistrict, North Sumatra.

"Houses at Belawan I and Belawan II villages were hit the hardest by the flood," Belawan subdistrict head Andi Syukur Harahap said.

The water level at the two villages reached 30 cm, he said.

He admitted most of the flood-hit residential areas in the subdistrict did not have adequate drainage system.

"The drainage ditches at the two villages malfunctioned because they were filled by trash," he said.

When heavy rains fell, the water in the ditches overflowed and inundated the yards of nearby houses, he said.

"The poor drainage systems in some parts of Belawan has been reported to the Medan city public works office," he said. (*)