Kendari (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian Islam Propagation Institute (LDII) has planted at least 3,000 mangrove trees on the Teluk Kendari coast, South East Sulawesi, in conjunction with the launching of a national tree planting drive, a spokesman said.

The national tree planting program was declared by LDDI chairman Abdullah Syam in cooperation with the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) here on December 18, LDII spokesman L. Kadir said on Friday.

According to the spokesman, the mangrove planting program also constituted a religious moral message dissemination conducted through the so-called the Love Marine National Movement (GNCB), because the results would be advantageous for the people`s life.

Through such activity, LDII informed the people living at the coastal area in particular that growing mangroves would give a lot of benefit and to receive merit from the God.

When the mangroves grow bigger, they would protect the coast from abrasion and become habitat for some fish, including crabs and

marine organisms, said L. Kadir who is also chairman of the Kendari`s chapter of LDII.

LDII expressed hope that the GNCB would raise people`s awareness to grow mangroves as well as other trees in effort to overcome the critical lands in the country, Kadir added.

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