A teenager is guilty in slipper theft case

Palu, C Sulawesi (ANTARA News) - A judge at Palu`s district court on Wednesday declared 15-year-old high school student AAL guilty of stealing a pair of sandals but did not pronounce a jail sentence for him.

Instead, Judge Romel Tampubolon ordered AAL to be returned to his parents who were expected to teach him right from wrong.

AAL was initially reported to have stolen the footwear from a police officer but the judge said the sandals did not belong to the officer.

Although the Ando branded sandals costing Rp30,000 proved not belong to First Brigadier Ahmad Rusdi Harahap , AAL was still guilty of theft as the object was neither his, Judge Romel said.

The judge also ordered the sandals confiscated and destroyed by the state.

Although AAL had been proven guilty of theft, Romel did not pass a jail sentence on him and only ordered his return to his parents "for further guidance."

Meanwhile. AAL`s lawyer, Elvis DJ Kantuwu, said he had advised his client to ask the court one week`s time to decide whether or not to appeal the judge`s ruling in consultation with his parents.(*)