Kuta, Bali (ANTARA News) - A number of crew members of Costa Concordian cruise ship that ran aground recently said they had been traumatized by the incident.

Some 23 crew members from Bali who survived the incident arrived here on Saturday evening, picked up by their families.

Some of their parents said they were traumatized by the incident and did not wish their sons would work as ship crew again. However some of the survivors said they would work as crew again but they would need a long time to recover.

"For the time being I would take a rest. I would think again to work as ship crew again but I must work," Putra Suwantara (28), one of the crew members arriving in the fourth batch said.

Wiastri, the father of Edi Suparma, another crew member said he would not allow his son to work again as a ship crew member. Edi did not look well on arrival and would not tell about his experience.

"He probably need not work there again. He had better work at home. What is important is we have something to eat," he said.

Saturday was the day of the arrival of the last of the four batches of Costa Concordia crew members from Bali. Thirty-nine crew members had arrived aboard Qatar Airways.

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