Makassar, South Sulawesi (ANTARA News) - Maros district in South Sulawesi Province is to develop natural, historic, and agro tourism objects to improve regional revenue, Maros district head Hatta Rahman said here on Saturday.

For natural tourism, Hatta Rahman said at least 8 natural tourism attractions were found in Maros district and most of them had been developed.

"The natural tourism attractions that have been developed in the district include Bantimurung waterfall, Pattunuang natural caves, Bulu Sipong hill with its caves, Bonto Somba waterfall, Lerang Pannige, Kuri Beach, and Karaenta natural preserve," Hatta Rahman said.

While for historic tourism objects, he said the district has Leang-leang prehistoric park, Leang Akkarrasa Rammang-rammang historic site, Kassi Kebo cemetery, Karaeng Simbang cemetery, Japanese fort, and Karaeng Loe Ripakere traditional houses.

Hatta Rahman added that Maros also has argo tourism attractions of Pucak safari garden, Puca` agro tourism and various types of traditional food with typical taste.

On Bantimurung natural tourism, the Maros district head noted that it would be developed into international standards with hotels, golf course, and other facilities.

Editor: Priyambodo RH
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