Aalaysian suspected of involvement in drug syndicate

Pontianak, W Kalimantan (ANTARA News) - A Malaysian citizen, identified as Lau, has been arrested by the West Kalimantan National Narcotics Agency (BNN) on suspicion of being involved in an international narcotics syndicate.

The chief of the West Kalimantan National Narcotics Agency (BNN), Brigadier General Sugeng Heryanto, said through team head First Adjunct Inspector Margana the arrest was made as a result of the development of the sending of 200 grams of methamphetamine from Malaysia through Entikong in Sanggau district.

"The results of the development of the arrest and other information led to Mr Lau," he said.

He could not confirm Lau`s role in the case and involvement in it.

"We are still investigating it further," he said. He admitted it took time to take Lau from the Pontianak detention center due to bureaucratic procedures.

Margana said he had to ask for a permit from the prosecutor`s office because Lau was implicated in another criminal case. He said he also had to report to the agency`s central office.

Lau was taken by the West Kalimantan BNN and the central BNN officers from the detention center at 6.30pm.

The West Kalimantan BNN uncovered the route of the meth delivery from Sarawak, Malaysia, using public transport to Pontianak.

"One suspect known by his initials as AY has been arrested and he confessed that this was the fifth delivery," Sugeng Haryanto said here on Thursday (Feb 16).

A total of 200 grams of meth and Rp250 million in cash hidden in tea flask had been confiscated from AY.

Sugeng said AY was possibly part of an international syndicate. He had used land routes and it was a small case as he was only paid Rp200,000 every time he took the delivery.

The West Kalimantan BNNP earlier received information at 2pm about delivery of meth from Malaysia by bus.

The stuff was put in a black plastic bag and entrusted to a driver of a bus from Kuching to Pontianak.

A West Kalimantan BNNP officer waited at the bus pool station at around 9pm. Su, the driver, admitted he was entrusted with the goods from someone at Kuching Terminal and paid 20 Malaysian ringgits or Rp60,000.

The stuff would be taken by Nur in Pontianak. Sugeng suspected the meth was in Malaysia because it was clean white.

"Now we are still investigating and developing the case. A new method is used here," he said. referring to the delivery which was not done by a courier but through public transport service," he said.

So far it was done by a courier who was paid Rp5 million until Pontianak and Rp10 million until Jakarta, he said. "This one only costs only hundred thousands," he said.

AY is threatened to face charges against Law Number 35 of 2009 on narcotics abuse carrying a sentence of one year in jail and a fine of Rp10 billion.

Lau has been in detention since 2011 for illegally possessing meth. (*)