Hong Kong (ANTARA News) - The number of Indonesians in Hong Kong is the highest of the total of 156 thousand foreigners in that country, or some two pct of the total population of that country.

Information, Social and Cultural Consul of the Indonesian Consul General in Hong Kong Nunung Nurwulan said in Hong Kong during an overseas company visit of management magisterial students of the Sam Ratulangi University in Manado on Friday.

"Hong Kong is a business and financial service center, a professional business center and also a tourism center. In 2011 some 42 million foreigners had visited Hong Kong," she said.

Nunun added that Hong Kong is currently building the West Kowloon Cultural District scheduled for completion and operation in 2020.

"The cultural center will provide the opportunity for each country to show their cultural attractions including Indonesian culture," she said.

Nunun said the activities of the Indonesian Consulate General in Hong Kong are currently focusing on the protection of Indonesian migrant workers (TKIs) and facilitate Indonesian investment.

"We are also active in a Flower Show in Victoria from March 16 to 25 held each year. We will appear at the conclusion with the support of the Tourism Ministry," she said.

On the same occasion Nunun said that the Indonesian migrant workers have a high learning spirit in increasing their quality.

"There is an equality school for Indonesian migrant workers to obtain SMA (high secondary school) certificates, and 80 TKIs are now studying at the Open University (Universitas Terbuka) to increase their English and Commercial Administrative capacity," she said.

The TKIs in Hong Kong, she added, have been inviting many prominent figures including musical groups and entrepreneurship motivators from Indonesia.

"They were often holding activities withe the sponsorship of Indonesian business companies in Hong Kong like BNI, Bank Mandiri and Garuda Indonesia," he said.

During an answer and question session with the students, Nunun said she is now also providing an opportunity to provinces in Indonesia to appear in the Indonesia Promotion Center (IPC).

"We have sent letters to a number of governors in Indonesia to show the potential of their areas which would become a very good opportunity. Minahasa once appeared at the Indonesian Consulate General in Hong Kong," he said.

Editor: Ella Syafputri
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