Indonesia - People's Republic of China Agree to Develop the Blue Economy

     Jakarta, Mar. 26 (ANTARA) - The Government of Indonesia and People's Republic of China (PRC) agree to develop the blue economy. This agreement was presented by the signing on Arrangement on the Development of Indonesia-China Center for Ocean and Climate (ICOOC) between the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Sharif C. Sutardjo and Administrator of State Oceanic Administration (SOA) of People's Republic of China, Mr. Liu Cigui in Beijing, People's Republic of China (PRC), on Thursday (Mar. 22). In this bilateral meeting, both parties underlined the importance of strengthening the partnership in marine and fisheries sectors, which in the future these sectors will play important roles to overcome the global issues.

     According to Sharif, the signing of Arrangement of the Development of ICCOC with 2011-2013 Marine Cooperation Work Plan, can be a strong basis to implement the partnership in marine and fisheries sectors in the future. The concept "Blue Economy" which has been agreed is the development of marine-based economy related to sustainable management as well as conserving the marine sources, particularly which related to the food security, climate change, IUU fishing, partnership in research and development sectors, and enhancement of awareness on marine issues.

     Therefore, both parties can give maximum approach to implement the partnership and ensure the sustainability of mutual long term partnership. In addition, he said that this partnership can provide positive benefits to the growing of economy between two countries and enhance the Human Resources ability through training and higher formal education in science, technology, and marine management sectors.

     This partnership was conducted by the establisment of  ICCIC in five locations including Natuna Island Riau Islands, Perancak Bali, Morotai Island in North Maluku and two regions in East Indonesia. Meanwhile, the commitment of People's Republic of China Government will be implemented by disburse the fund of 1,4 trillion. The fund will be used to make a partnership in marine sectors for five years. Related to the development of education, PRC provides scholarship to master and doctoral scholar in marine sector. While in oceanography research, the Ministry of Marine and Fisheries (MMAF) will get aid such as research vessels which can be used to research to reach the deep sea.

     Furthermore, Sharif said thar the partnership can bring the RI interest to conduct research and developing marine and fisheries to strengthen geopolotic position of Indonesia as a nautical country and the largest archipelago in the world which was recognized in World Ocean Conference (WOC) in Manado in 2009. The partnership between Indonesia and RRT has been initiated by both countries since 1994. The implementation of partnership between two countries is very significant with the establisment of ICCOC (Indonesia China Ocean and Climate Center) and Marine Station.

     For now, there are at least five forms of partnership related to marine and fisheries. These partnerships including, the MoU of Science and Technology Partnership betweenn RI-PRC (signed 1994), Joint Declaration on Strategic Partnership between Indonesia and RRC (2005), MOU of Partnership in Marine Sectors between MMAF and SOA (2007) and Action Plan for Implementation of the Joint Declaration on Strategic Partnership between Indonesia and RRC (2010). At the last, MoU of Partnership in Marine Sector between MMAF and SOA (2011). For information, ICCOC has six key tasks including to improve communication between scientists of both countries, exchange of information and data, organizing symposia and such, scientific journal publication and research reports, prepare and ship the equipment to be used in joint investigation, as well as human resource capabilities through formal training and higher education in science, technology and marine management sectors.

     For further information, please contact Indra Sakti, SE., MM, Head of Data, Statistics and Information Center, the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (HP. 0818159705)