Poland hopes to increase business cooperation with RI

"Its businessmen are interested in investing in this field, given the fast economic growth in Indonesia."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The government of Poland hopes to improve business relations with Indonesia, said Polish Ambassador to Indonesia Brigadier General (Retd.) Grzegor Wisniewski here on Monday.

"Our current business relations are in good condition, but there are many potential business sectors that we can work out in the future, such as the defence industry and energy," the ambassador stated.

With regard to the defense industry, he explained, Poland can assist the Indonesian armed forces and businessmen in the procurement of weaponry systems.

"We can produce components such as radar and radio systems for surveillance, which can be used not only by armed forces but also by businesses. We are also willing to transfer this technology," he remarked, adding that Poland, as a member of NATO, can also offer joint training and exchange of experience with Indonesian armed forces.

Meanwhile, in the field of energy cooperation, the ambassador expressed his hopes that more Polish businessmen would come to Indonesia to explore the country`s potential.

Last February, a number of Indonesian and Poland businessmen had met to discuss possible cooperation in the energy sector.

"This is the right moment to develop cooperation between the two countries," remarked the Indonesian Ambassador to Poland Darmansjah Djumala during the event.

The ambassador noted that Polish businessmen are interested in various sectors, such as energy and waste management, which can be set up in big cities in Indonesia.

Moreover, Polish businesses are interested in building mining equipment factories and establishing mining companies in several coal mining locations in the country.

Last year, he added, a Polish businessman agreed to invest in South Sumatra and is currently exploring another business possibility in Kalimantan.

"Poland is the electricity energy producer in Europe. Its businessmen are interested in investing in this field, given the fast economic growth in Indonesia," he continued.

The trade balance between Indonesia and Poland amounted to 870 million US dollars in 2011, with the surplus belonging to Indonesia.

Commodities traded by the two countries include textiles, electronics, coffee, tea, pharmaceutical products and shoes.