Jakarta (ANTARA News) - About 100,000 workers called for improvement of their welfare during a rally outside the Merdeka Palace here on Tuesday, to mark the International Worker`s Day or May Day.

The workers came from various labour unions, including the All-Indonesia Labour Union (SPSI), the Conference of All-Indonesia Labour Unions (KSPSI), the Conference of Indonesian Trade Union (KSPI), the National Network for Advocacy (JALA), the Association of Indonesian Labour Unions (ASPEK Indonesia), and the Federation of Indonesian Metal Labour Union (FSPMI).

During the rally, some workers crowed the northern part of the National Monument (Monas) square in front of the Merdeka Palace.

The workers demanded that the government be serious about improving their welfare by, among other things, providing lifetime health insurance for the entire Indonesian nation by January 1, 2014, and implementing compulsory pension insurance programmes by July 1, 2015.

They also urged the government to revise Regulation of the Manpower and Transmigration Minister No. 17/2007 in order to increase the level of fair physical needs.

They also sought an end to the outsourcing system and asked the government to provide them and their families with housing, educational, health, and transportation subsidies.

The workers who came from Jakarta and surrounding areas also appealed to the government to declare May 1 as a national holiday.

After speeches for about one and a half hours, the demonstrators dispersed at around 1 p.m., with some of them going to the Bung Karno sport stadium for similar purposes.

Overall, the rallies in the capital ran peacefully.

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