PLTU Waai starts operating mid-2013

PLTU Waai starts operating mid-2013

Photo cucument of coal-fired power plan. (ANTARA/Rosa Pangabean)

"The construction of the two powerhouses will be completed in July or August 2012."
Ambon (ANTARA News) - The coal-fired power plant (PLTU) in Waai village, Salahutu subdistrict, Central Maluku is scheduled to start operating in mid-2013, General Manager of state power firm PT PLN for Maluku Julian Tamsir said here on Monday.

He said the 70 KV master powerhouses in Ambon will be installed in Baguala Passo and Sirimau subdistricts.

"The construction of the two powerhouses will be completed in July or August 2012, and the networks will consist of seven towers already built," Julian said.

He said the building of PLTU Waai is supervised by the project management in Makasar.

"We have were told that the construction of PLTU Waai had been delayed because of field problems but the difficulties had already been overcome," he said.

He added that the construction of the 2 x 7 MW PLTU Tidore in North Maluku is faster and scheduled for operation in September 2012, while the 200 kWp solar power plant (PLTS) in Morotai (North Maluku) is now already operating.

"If the PLTU and PLTS in Maluku and North Maluku are operating, fuel oil consumption could be reduced," Julian said.

When asked whether the two high voltage powerhouses of PLTU Waai in Passo and Sirimau have adverse effects on the health of the local people, he said no, because they are only 70 Kv strong, unlike those in Java are powered with 500 Kv.



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