"Within one and a half years, we have made 172 million cards."
Pangkalanbaru, Bangka Belitung (ANTARA News) - Home Affairs Minister Gamawan Fauzi has expressed his satisfaction over the progress in the implementation of the electronic identification (e-ID) card or, as locally called, the e-KTP project.

"We have achieved the e-KTP target, surpassing the achievements of e-ID card projects in advanced nations such as Germany, the United States, and India," Fauzi said here on Tuesday.

He claimed that Indonesia had become the No.1 nation in the world in terms of the time taken to reach the e-KTP target.

"Within one and a half years, we have made 172 million cards. During the October-April period, we made 70 million," the minister added.

To date, about 74 million e-KTPs have been made, out of the total target of 172 million for 2012. The remaining 98 million cards need to be processed.

In India, it took a year to make five million e-ID cards, while Germany took six years for 70 million cards.

"For our achievement, I will fly to Abu Dhabi to speak before representatives from 45 nations, where we will share our experiences in meeting the e-KTP target. In July, I will be invited as a keynote speaker in the United States of America," Fauzi said.

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