Three Indonesian journalists leave Malaysia after being questioned

Kuala Lumpur (ANTARA News) - Three Indonesian journalists left Malaysia on Thursday after being held for questioning for six hours by Port Dickson police over their activities.

The Indonesian journalists namely Zen Teguh from Sindo, Ilham Khoiri from Kompas and M Fauzi fom Media Indonesia dailies left Kuala Lumpur according to schedule set before.

They were caught and interrogated at two police stations for about six hours on Wednesday evening until Thursday morning after they visited the location where three Indonesian migrant workers were shot by Malaysian police recently.

They were freed after police attache of the Indonesian embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Senior Commissioner Benny Iskandar, came to the Port Dickson police station to seek for their release.

The journalists immediately left for Kuala Lumpur International Airport after checking out,accompanied by embassy officials including Benny Iskandar. They left for Jakarta by Garuda at 12.50 hours.

The journalists were in Malaysia following the Indonesian Regional Representatives Council (DPD) and National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) delegation that included Komnas HAM chief Ifdhal Kasim who came to that country to inquiry about the death case of the Indonesian workers from West Nusa Tenggara.

The workers had been shot in the chest and stomach by the Malaysian police who suspected them of intending to commit a robbery.

Their bodies had been returned and buried in their home villages. A second autopsy had also been done following allegations of organ removal, which was later found to be false.