"The international world will not allow Indonesia to enrich its uranium."
Surabaya, East Java (ANTARA News) - The National Energy Council (DEN) is of the view that the development of a nuclear power plant in Indonesia is almost impossible.

"Technically, nuclear power plant is almost impossible to be built in Indonesia but it can be a final alternative if a safer nuclear technology is found," Prof Rinaldy Dalimi of DEN said here on Tuesday.

He made the remarks in a workshop on Indonesia`s energy policy towards 2050 which was organized by DEN and the Surabaya-based 10th November Institute of Technology (ITS).

Rinaldy who is a lecturer at the University of Indonesia (UI) said that there were at least four reasons why it was almost impossible to develop a nuclear power plant in Indonesia.

The first reason is that developing a nuclear power plant will require Indonesia to import uranium because its own uranium resource was uneconomic.

"The second reason is that the international world will not allow Indonesia to enrich its uranium, such as what happens in Iran," he said.

Besides (the third reason), Indonesia is an earthquake-prone country which has high risks for developing a nuclear power plant. "If a quake-resistant nuclear power plant is built, it will cost a lot so that the price of the nuclear energy is expensive and needs subsidies," he said.

The other reason is that Japan last week has closed 54 of its nuclear plants while Germany will close all of its nuclear plants in 2025.

"So, DEN is recommending the construction of a nuclear power plant as a last choice," he said.

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