Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) Team has completed the identification process of all remains of the ill-fated Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ-100)`s victims.

"Today at 3 p.m. local time, all 45 victims comprising 35 Indonesians and 10 foreigners, or 31 men and 14 women, have been identified scientifically and irrefutably based on their DNA, dental records, medical records and properties, Head of the National DVI Committee Birgadier General Musaddeq said in a press conference here Sunday.

As the identification process ended, the next step will be the handing over of the victims` remains and death notifications to their families.

The identification process has been completed six days earlier than the plan thanks to the hard work of the DVI`s 15-member laboratory team.

DVI Executive Director Anton Castilani said the names of the victims are announced based on the serial numbers of antemortem data received by the police at Halim Perdanakusumah, east Jakarta earlier.

The names of the victims identified by the DVI team are as follows:

1. Donardi Rahman (male) from Aviastar

2. Nur Ilmawati (female) from Sky Aviation

3. Edwar Maraden Panggabean (male) from Indo Asia

4. Femi adiningsih (female) from Bloomberg

5. Ganish Arman Zulfianto (male) from IAT

6. Darwin Palawi (male) from Pelita Air

7. Kornel Sihombing (male) from PTDI

8. Anton Daryanto (male) from IAT

9. Herman Sulaji (male) from Air Maleo

10. Steven Kamagi (male) from Indo Asia

11. Aditya Rekodiyanti (female) from Sky Aviation

12. Ade Arisanti (female) from Sky Aviation

13. Dodi Aviantara (male) from Angkasa Magazine

14. Didik Nur Yusuf (male) from Angkasa Magazine

15. Yusuf Ariwibowo (male) from Sky Aviation

16. Edi Satrio (male) from Pelita Air

17. Chaidar Bachsin (male) from PT Catur Daya Prima

18. Salim Kamaruzaman, kelamin laki-laki dari Sky

19. Feni Stefani (female) from Sky Aviation

20. Charles Peter Edler (male) from Sriwijaya

21. Insan Kamil Jatmika (male) from Indo Asia

22. Gatot Purwoko (male) from Air Fast

23. Remon Sukanto (male) from Sky Aviation

24. Faisal Ahmad (male) from Indo Asia

25. Ruli Darmawan (male) from Indo asia

26. Susana Famela Rompas (female) from Sky Aviation

27. Aditya Sukardi (male) from Trans Tv

28. Maesarah (female) from Sky Aviation

29. Arif Wahyudi (male) from Trimarga

30. Santi (female) from Sky Aviation

31. Ismiati (female) from Trans tv

32. Maria Marcela (female) from Sky Aviation

33. Capt. Aan Rusdiana (male) from Kartika

34. Rosi Witam (female) from Sky Aviation

35. Dewi Mutiara (female) from Sky Aviation

36. Anggraini Fitria (female) from Sky Aviation


37. To Nam Tran (male) from Snecma

38 Eugene Alexandrovich G. (male)

39. Christina Nikolevna P. (female)

40. Nicolai Mitrivich Nartischenko (male)

41. Alexei Nikcholevic Kirkin (male)

42. Alexander Nikolevic Jablontsev (male)

43. Alexander Ovlovic Osetcov

44. Denis Palerifik Rahimof (male)

45. Fasilevik Syetsov (male)

Head of the Sukanto Police Hospital Brigadier General Agus Prayitno said the victims` remains will be handed over to their families on Wednesday at Halim Perdanakusumah.

SSJ-100 crashed into Mount Salak, Bogor District, West Java Province, on May 9, 2012, when conducting a brief demonstration flight with 45 people on board. (*)

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