Kupang (ANTARA News) - Former Prime Minister of East Timor Xanana Gusmao was reported to be consolidating the power to lead a big coalition in that country, an observer said.

Florecio Mario Vieira, an observer on East Timor`s issues representing the East Timorese Indonesian Citizen Association (ETIKA), as contacted by Antara from Kupang on Wednesday, said such a consolidation was being built by Xanana after his CNRT (National Congress for East Timor Reconstruction) party, gained 37 percent of votes in the parliamentary election held on Saturday.

Meanwhile, his main rival Fretilin (Frente Revolucionaria de Timor Leste Independente) party) could only pocketed 30 percent, followed by the Democratic Party with 10 percent in the parliamentary election.

Based on vote tally, around 30 up to 31 out of the 65 seats available in the parliament were already in the hand of Xanana, another 24 or 25 of the seats went to Fretilin, followed by the Democratic Party with eight seats and two seats for Frente-Mudanca party, Mario said.

According to him, Fretilin could still lead the next government in East Timor if it got the support from the Democratic Party.

"Having learned the present condition of politics in East Timor, middle and small parties like the Democratic Party and Frente-Mudanca will made a coalition with Xanana-led CNRT party and let Fretilin as an opposition party since 2006," he said.

The relations between Xanana and incumbent president of East Timor Taur Matan Ruak tended to be harmonious following Xanana's support to Ruak in the current presidential election.

"Xanana Gusmao will continue and enhance cooperation with Indonesia in economy, education, and tourism including the construction of infrastructure in Timor Leste as his priority," Mario stressed.

Touching on Xanana`s relations with Australia, Mario said the core of the problem actually lied on how to settle the negotiation on Woodside Petroleum's Plan to process gas source from East Timor Sea.

In his view, such a bottleneck which is standing ahead is just about `gas processing in the area of Great Sunrise owned by Woodside company of Australia.

Xanana`s political target on this issue could be said was very sexy, so that he could gain more support from his people during the campaign. He only demanded for the gas processing facilities to be built offshore East Timorese beach, while Australia persisted with his stance to build floating offshore, Mario said.


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