Police find explosives during Depok house raid

"The materials are similar to those we found during the raid in Tambora (West Jakarta) and also at the bomb blast site in Beji (Depok) recently," Rikwanto said.
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Personnel from anti-terror police force and Jakarta police office found stocks of explosives while raiding a house in Bojong Gede, Depok district, West Java, on Monday morning.

"The materials are similar to those we found during the raid in Tambora (West Jakarta) and also at the bomb blast site in Beji (Depok) recently," Jakarta Metropolitan police spokesman Senior Commissioner Rikwanto said here on Monday.

"Among the materials found during the Monday raid were a pipe stuffed with explosive materials, a bag to make bombs, an iron rod to make gun barrel, a gun silencer, seven rounds of 9mm bullets, a mask, a scale, a beaker, a gun case and a note," he added.

Rikwanto stated that the police had arrested a man named Arief during the raid.

Earlier, five persons had reportedly sustained injuries in an explosion, suspected to be a terrorist bomb attack, at a house in Jalan Nusantara, Beji, on Sunday (September 9) at about 9.50 pm Western Indonesia Standard Time (WIB).

Depok Police Precinct Chief Senior Commissioner Mulyadi Kaharni confirmed that the police had arrested five people in connection with the blast, but he refused to give further details.

According to reports received by ANTARA News on Saturday night, one of the five persons arrested was in critical condition, two sustained serious injuries and the remaining two had minor injuries. All of them were rushed to the Mitra Keluarga and Bhakti Yudha hospitals for treatment.

Meanwhile, the National Agency Against Terrorism (BNPT) expressed suspicion that there was some connection between Saturday night`s bomb explosion in Beji and the explosives that the police found at Muhammad Thoriq's house in Tambora.

Thoriq, who was later declared a terrorist, fled soon after his neighbours entered his residence looking for the source of the thick smoke billowing from his house earlier this month.

The Jakarta Police Laboratory and Forensic officers found papers with guidelines to make a bomb, along with three boxes of plastic bottles, sticking plasters, two bottles of nail, food cans, batteries, cell phone chargers, PVC pipes and cables - all of which have been confiscated by the police for further investigation.

"The explosion in Beji has some connection with Thoriq, whose letter was found at that place," BNPT Chief Ansyaad Mbai said.

"Thoriq had written to his mother, wife and children that he was looking for the blessings of God in heaven," he added.(*)