"The district will be set up as a centre of economic growth in North Maluku."
Ternate, North Maluku (ANTARA News) - North Maluku Governor Thaib Armaiyn said that the Morotai Island district would be established as a centre of economic growth and a special economic zone will be set up soon after the Sail Morotai 2012 festival.

"After the event finishes, the district will be set up as a centre of economic growth in North Maluku," he said after attending a series of Sail Morotai events in Juanga, Morotai Island district, on Friday.

He explained that supporting facilities and infrastructure would be built, like the biggest container port in eastern Indonesia, as Morotai Island was located at the edge of the Pacific region.

He added further that the proposals for construction have been submitted to the government.

Besides the construction of the biggest port in eastern Indonesia, the local government would improve facilities in the tourism, agriculture, farming and fishery sectors. These sectors are believed to be the mainstays towards making Morotai the centre of economic growth in North Maluku.

"I`m sure the local government will require the participation of investors to enhance the economy of the area. Therefore, the development of such infrastructure is what we really need for now," he said.

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