Jimbaran, Bali (ANTARA News) - Survivors and families of victims of the second Bali bombings in 2005 gathered to commemorate the tragedy here on Monday.

In their message read out on the occasion they called on all community elements, including the government to prevent terrorism.

The message for peace was read out by six representatives of families of victims and survivors of the terrorist acts.

"Terrorism is not tied with certain religions," one of the six representatives, Ni Luh Erniati, the chief of the community of wives, husbands and children of victims of Second Bali Bombing, said while reading the message.

The message called on terrorists to cancel future strikes in view of the impact of their actions.

The bombing victims, meanwhile, urged the government to conduct an early prevention program against terrorism and called on all parties including the government, social and educational organizations to intensively inform their members that no religion condones terrorism.

They also called on all families to monitor their members so that they would not be easily influenced by terror ideologies that tend to target youths and also called on the government to empower victims of terrorism in the country.

The former chief of Mantiqi III of Jamaah Islamiyah, Nasir Abas, who attended the commemorative event, said that attention could be given to terror victims through fund-raising.

He said that one of the essential needs of victims needs is funds to pay for their medical treatment.

"Savings are needed for those who suffer for life to pay for their medical treatment," he said.

One of the surviving victims, Kadek Ardani, admitted that she is still traumatized by the incident.

To suppress the trauma, the former employee of Menega Cafe in Jimbaran, said that she often attended a gathering of surviving victims and victims` families to share life experiences.

"I am still afraid of working at night and therefore I have chosen to work in the day. To minimize the trauma I usually meet once a month with other victims," she said.

At the commemorative event, families of victims and surviving victims spread flower petals on the coast of Jimbaran where the bombings occurred. They also released seven white doves as a symbol for peace and also signed on a shroud to signify rejection of violence.

Three bombs exploded in Kafe Nyoman and Kafe Menega in Jimbaran and Raja`s Cafe in Kuta Square on October 1, 2005, killing 23 people including 15 Indonesians, four Australians, one Japanese and the three bombers.


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