Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian domestic market is strong enough to move the economy forward in the face of a possible global economic slowdown, according to a finance ministry official.

"As of now, Indonesia`s economic condition is like a pretty woman to whom many men propose. This condition is driven by high economic growth and domestic demand as well as stable market demand," Deputy Finance Minister Anny Ratnawati said here on Tuesday.

"Thus, we have to maintain the high growth of the domestic market because it can help the economy move ahead in the event of a slowdown in exports," she pointed out.

Ratnawati stated that the global economic crisis directly affected the Indonesian economy, particularly the country`s export commodity.

"The prices in the global market have fallen since their demand decreased. Therefore, we have to make efforts to maintain the high export volume," she noted.

According to Ratnawati, the government must search for other potential export markets across the world.

"We have to find other countries to market our products while strengthening the domestic market at the same time," she said.

"However, the government faces a lot of challenges in maintaining a strong domestic market," Ratnawati pointed out.

"The government has to assure the consumers that the local products are similar to their imported counterparts in quality and price," she stated.

Ratnawati said the government also must monitor and ensure that the products are not illegally imported.

"The government will cooperate with regional administrations as well as the Customs and Excises Directorate General to keep track of illegal imported products," she continued.

"There are a lot of seaports which are not being fully monitored, so regional administrations are expected to cooperate more," Ratnawati added.


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