Jamsostek should not use legal approach to promote programs

"We expect a solution that is acceptable, affordable, sufficient, and sustainable."
Bandarlampung (ANTARA News) - The chairman of Lampung Indonesian Employers Association (Apindo), Yusuf Kohar, has stated that state-owned insurance company PT Jamsostek should not use the legal approach to promote its programs.

"If Jamsostek takes the legal approach, it will only scare all employers in the country and that would certainly not work," he said during a discussion with PT Jamsostek here on Wednesday.

He suggested that the insurance company take the "benefits approach" to increase its customers base.

"Such an approach will involve highlighting the advantages and benefits that employers can get by following Jamsostek`s programs. For instance, employers should be made to see the employment guarantee program as a necessity, not as a mere requirement," he pointed out.

Earlier, it was decided that PT. Jamsostek would be renamed as Social Security Providers (BPJS) by no later than July 1, 2015, under Act No. 24/2011 on BPJS and Directive Implementing Law No. 40/2004 on National Social Security System (SJSN).

PT. Jamsostek president director Elvyn G Masassya expressed optimism that he could help make the company a world-class public legal entity after it became BPJS.

"By making improvements that promote cooperation, openness, and sense of entrepreneurship, we are optimistic that Jamsostek would get better in serving the public," he said at a national seminar, entitled "Optimism Towards Transformation into Social Security Providers", here on Monday.

"However, it will not be easy for Jamsostek to implement its programs as BPJS, since it must take into account the aspirations of various parties," Masassya continued.

"Therefore, we expect a solution that is acceptable, affordable, sufficient, and sustainable for all parties," he explained.

"Jamsostek has itself made an investment up to 10 percent in its efforts to compete with foreign companies," Masassya stated.

"No state-owned enterprise (SOE) in country has ever made such two-digit investments," he pointed out.

Masassya noted that the customer base of Jamsostek had reached 110 million.

He said the company would soon provide improved services to its customers.

"We will implement a one-day service system so the customers do not have to wait for days to collect claims. To achieve that goal, high-speed and extensive networks will be required," Masassya continued.

He stated that Jamsostek would set up branches in 457 districts/cities. At present, the company has branches in 121 districts/cities.

"Our market share is worth more than Rp40 million, but we must focus on promoting our investment instruments across the country, so we can achieve better return on investment," Masassya added.