Indonesia to launch a three-digit rocket in 2013

"Next year, we will conduct static and dynamic tests on a three-digit rocket," said Goenawan Wybiesana.
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesia is planning to launch a three-digit rocket, with a range of 100km to 900km, to strengthen its artillery system. Indonesia is planning to launch the rocket next year.

"Next year, we will conduct static and dynamic tests on a three-digit rocket," said Goenawan Wybiesana, who works as an assistant to the deputy minister for research and technology - strategic, scientific and technological research productivity, on Thursday.

In the initial stages, he said, the focus will be on the development of 10 to 20 units of a 350mm-caliber ballistic rocket, with a range of 100 kilometres, which will be followed by the development of bigger calibre rockets and guided rockets.

The ministry of research and technology, which is a part of a rocket consortium, will fund (Rp10 to Rp15 billion) the project in 2013.

Other members of the consortium include PT Pindad, PT Dahana, PT Dirgantara Indonesia, Lapan, BPPT, LIPI, ITB, UGM and ITS.

Goenawan said the development of rocket technology is dependent on material technology, control-system technology, explosives and propulsion technology, and mechanical electronic technology.

He said the national rocket programme had begun in 2005, involving various institutions. These institutions had come up with an initial design and a prototype in 2010.

In 2011, he said the rocket consortium had launched a freeze prototype 1 (R Han 122), purchased by the ministry of defence. It was mass-produced, and it was a part of the `1,000 rockets' programme.

"Initially, R Han 122 had a 122 mm calibre and a range of 15 kilometres. In 2011, the range of R Han 122 had been stepped up to 25 kilometres. In 2012, its calibre had been increased to 200mm and its range had been increased to 35 kilometres," he said.

Before the launch of the rocket programme for defence purposes, the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (Lapan) had mastered rocket technology for the purpose of launching satellites.(*)