"China has various cultures as that of Indonesia."
Beijing (ANTARA News) - Indonesian ambassador to China and Mongolia, Imron Cotan said the 2013 is a momentum to further expand the former`s "footprints" in China, so that the people of both countries can understand each other.

"China has various cultures as that of Indonesia. However, the Indonesian footprints in China are relatively small compared with that of China in Indonesia," he said here on Monday.

"Let`s imagine that we can find the Chinese tradition, culture, and even its foods are found almost around the world including in Indonesia. Whereas, only a little of the Indonesian footprints found in China," Cotan said.

The ambassador said further that his office has endeavoured to promote Indonesia to China`s community through the formal and non-formal mechanism.

"We have the Indonesian House` in Nanning that informs on what and how Indonesia. The embassy also has an annual program which promotes about the country`s potentials of trade, investment and tourism to several cities in China," Cotan noted.

According to him, even the Indonesian Cultural Center has been established in one of universities in Beijing. Apart from that several universities in China have opened the Indonesian language program.

"All of the measures are aimed to further introduce Indonesia to the people of China, and expand the Indonesian footprints in China. We will continue improving such efforts in 2013," the ambassador added.

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