"Such winds can lead to formation of high waves."
Ternate (ANTARA News) - The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) office in North Maluku province has warned fishermen and others crossing over to Morotai district to be on the alert for three-metre-high waves.

"Other islands, such as Sula Island, and the coastal waters of Northern Halmahera are also likely to see such waves," Ternate BMKG officer Muhammad Rivan said.

The height of waves in the waters off Morotai and Sula districts reached 2.5 metres recently.

Waves of such height can be quite dangerous for fishing boats and small passenger vessels, particularly if the sea currents are accompanied by strong winds.

"Therefore, passenger ships and traditional fishing boats, especially the small ones, have to watch out for such waves when cross over to those areas, because people`s lives can be gravely endangered during such situations," Rivan explained.

"All fishermen and captains of ships should be informed about this," he pointed out.

Black clouds gathered over Ternate in recent weeks, leading to warmer temperatures, due to which high winds are expected in the near future.

"Such winds can lead to formation of high waves," Rivan stated.

North Maluku residents have been urged to remain on the alert for the next few days because wind speeds could reach 9-27 kilometres per hour during the period.

Besides, BMKG called on all people living in flood-prone areas to watch out for heavy rainfall, as recent downpours had led to floods in various areas of North Maluku.

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