...brutality inflicted by TNI members on migrant people from Buton already living for years in Papua as fishermen."
Kendari, S.E. Sulawesi (ANTARA News) - A member of the Southeast Sulawesi regional legislative assembly described, alleged butchering of fishermen in Papua by members of TNI (Indonesian National Military) as despicable and immoral.

"I said it is despicable and immoral as the butchering in Raja Ampat, Papua on Dec 23, in 2012 was committed by members of TNI ," Abdul Hasan Mbow, a Buton community leader, told reporters here on Thursday.

Hasan Mbou, who is also chairman of the provincial branch of youth organization Pemuda Panca Sila, said the people of Southeast Sulawesi, particularly those of Buton district were hurt by the incident.

"I feel sad and concerned after reading in a printed mass media about the brutality inflicted by TNI members on migrant people from Buton already living for years in Papua as fishermen," he said.

He said the one most responsible for the butchering of the fishermen the chief of TNI.

The butchering by way of shooting the fishermen by alleged TNI members surfaced only after two escapees from the incident were brought to the National Commission for Human Rights and the Witness and Victim Protection Institution.

"Once again, the army chief is responsible as the those shot dead were no animals, they were human beings," Hasan Mbou said.

The ones committing the murder must be meted out with heavy punishment, he added.

He strongly hoped the TNI leader would immediately settle whatever obligations as a result of the wrongdoings committed by its members either materially or non materially to restore the good name of TNI in the eyes of the people.

He said he hopes the incident in Papua would be the last of that kind and demanded justice be upheld by punishing those committing the crime. (ASG/B003)

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