Rescuers discover another body after landslide in Agam

Lubukbasung, West Sumatra (ANTARA News) - A joint team of rescuers discovered another body at around 11 am on Monday following a landslide in Agam, West Sumatra.

The district administration secretary, Syafirman, said here on Monday that the body belonged to 50-year old Mursinah.

He said the new finding raised the number of bodies found so far to 12 while eight others were still unaccountable.

A joint team of rescuers from the police, military (TNI), BPBD (regional agency for disaster mitigation) and the community are still searching them using excavators and sniff dogs.

He said twenty people had been buried following a landslide that occurred after heavy rains in Jorong Data, Kampuang Dadok, Nagari Sungai Batang, Tanjung Raya sub-district on Sunday.

Four pepole had been injured in the incident and are now still being treated at local health care centers for broken hands or bruises.

Five people meanwhile were saved in the incident that left 12 houses and three hectares of rice fields buried.

Access road to the location is only three meter wide making big heavy equipment unable to be taken to the location to help rescue efforts.

The location on the foot of Bukit Kampung Dadok hills is around 150 kilometers from provincial capital Padang. (*)