South Sumatra`s rice production shrinks

South Sumatra`s rice production shrinks

(ANTARA/Wahyu Putro A.)

Palembang (ANTARA News) - The South Sumatra office of the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) recorded the province`s production of dry unhulled rice at around 3.30 million tons in 2012 or a decline of 89,420 tons from the previous year.

Head of the provincial BPS H Baehdi Ruswana attributed the decline to a 1.92 percent or 15,100 hectares in harvest area and a 0.74 percent fall or 32 kilograms in productivity per hectare.

In 2013, South Sumatra`s rice production is forecast to reach 3.41 million tons in unhulled dry grains or an increase of 115,410 tons (3.50 percent) from 2012.

Baehdi said an increase in production is expected as a result of a 1.76 percent expansion of harvest area and an increase of 73 kilogram in productivity per hectare.

Meanwhile corn production of South Sumatra was estimated at 112,290 tons in dry grain in 2012 , down 13.40 tons or 10.66 percent from 2011, he said.

He said the decline in production was attributable to a decrease of 4,350 hectares or 13.19 percent in harvest area despite a slight improvement of 2.91 percent in productivity.

In 2013, South Sumatra hopes to increase its corn production to 113,760 tons in dry grains with a 0.54 percent improvement in productivity despite shrinking harvest area by 19 hectares or 0.07 percent.

Baehdi said South Sumatra`s production of soybean totaled 12,160 tons in 2012 down 1,550 tons or 11.29 percent from 2011.

He attributed the decline to narrower harvest area reduced by 942 hectares or 10.83 percent and a 051 percent fall in productivity to 8 kilogram per hectare.

South Sumatra`s production of soybean in 2013 is forecast to reach 10,780 tons in dry grains down 1,380 tons or 11.33 percent from 2012.

Baehdi said the decline in soybean production predicted in 2013 is a result of decrease of 859 hectares in harvest area and a 0.26 percent decline in productivity.