Mamuju, W Sulawesi (ANTARA News) - Oil company Statoil is growing 20,000 mangrove trees to meet its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment in West Sulawesi.

Statoil is carrying out its CSR commitment even before it starts drilling in its oil and gas concession in the Karama Mamuju block, Statoil CSR program coordinator Wawan Koswara said here on Friday.

The company involves local people, who will benefit from the program, to grow the trees on the Ampalas beach in the regency of Mamuju, Wawan said.

The program to grow mangrove trees along the beach area is important to preserve the environment and to provide crab breeding place for the local people.

The trees will also protect the beach area from being damaged by erosion, Wawan said.

He said the company provides the seedlings and equipment for the cultivation and the people are actively taking part in the planting.

Even if Statoil has to abandon Mamuju for not finding oil in the area, the company has fulfilled its commitment to help preserve the environment for the interest of the local people, he said.

Statoil has spent up to Rp1.7 billion a year on CSR activities in Mamuju , he said.


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