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New UrbanShield version that unlocks hidden value of big data unveiled at Global Security Asia Conference

AGT International, a recognized leader in the Safe City market, today announced exciting enhancements to its innovative UrbanShield platform at the Global Security Asia Conference in Singapore that raise the bar for Safe City solutions globally. UrbanShield has been successfully deployed in China, Europe and the Middle East, including in one of the largest and most sophisticated Safe City deployments in the world.

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With a vital role in driving growth for economies, cities globally are vying for limited capital, business, talent and tourism. Those that are successful will adopt an integrated model of public safety and security that protects citizens and businesses. The new UrbanShield 5.0 release unveiled today by AGT International at the Global Security Asia Conference in Singapore, enables this visionary approach with its centralized system of advanced technology capabilities that facilitate different levels of government, agencies and the private sector to share data, decision-making and costs and deliver a faster and more effective response to the many threats and incidents facing cities every day.

Mati Kochavi, CEO of AGT International, said: "Our UrbanShield public safety and security platform was designed to provide the foundation for the integrated cities of the future, such as Singapore. Our latest enhancements within UrbanShield 5.0 raise the bar for Safe City solutions globally. By developing leading-edge information and communications technologies and deploying proven solutions that enable safer, as well as smarter cities, we make the critical infrastructure and services of a city more aware, more interactive, and more efficient."

The latest release of UrbanShield builds on earlier versions of the software that provide city authorities and law enforcement officials with a single, holistic situational awareness picture of what is happening in their city, enabling them to evaluate the current situation in real-time; simulate outcomes of possible actions; potentially predict incidents before they occur; prepare for various contingencies; and mitigate loss and damage when incidents do occur by managing them as effectively as possible.

UrbanShield 5.0 delivers new advanced analytics, such as facial recognition and automated vehicle tracking, that unlock the hidden value in big data and transform it into business intelligence. AGT International's vehicle tracking capability, the result of innovative work by its R&D research team in Germany, is the first to successfully automate the complexities of tracking moving vehicles in real time via large camera networks. It enables operators to respond faster to threats and accelerates investigations.

UrbanShield 5.0 also includes new features supporting the city cloud concept where everything in the city is interconnected into an omnipotent safety system. Its enhanced integration, with more legacy and video management systems, makes it the optimal open platform for city operations management systems and improved investigation capabilities enable faster and easier crime solving.

Speaking at the Global Security Asia Conference Geoffrey Baird, Head of Safe City Global Business Unit, said: "We are excited to announce the upgraded UrbanShield at Global Security Asia Conference in Singapore, where many national and city ministers will be evaluating solutions to ensure their cities thrive in the future. As urban populations grow and diversify, UrbanShield empowers city authorities to create the safe and secure environments that are the basis for the smart cities of the future."

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Founded in 2007, AGT International's technology solutions safeguard people, assets and infrastructure for public safety authorities, governments and corporations. Our core intellectual property collects, correlates, analyzes and prioritizes data from available sources to present immediately actionable intelligence that helps our customers better predict, manage and resolve an ever-expanding spectrum of threats to life and livelihood. By proactively delivering the right information to the right decision makers in real time, we enable them to plan and prepare better, and to react faster and more effectively. Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, the organization employs 2,400 people globally. AGT International is privately held and led by Founder and CEO, Mati Kochavi. For more information, please visit

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The Global Security Asia Conference brings together leading experts and specialists in the field of Counter Terrorism, Internal State Security and Civil Defense who will present papers addressing some of the challenges and threats that the Asia Pacific region currently face. This year's event takes place April 2 - 4 2013. For more information on the conference, please visit

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