"Indonesia has ratified several international conventions on copyrights."
Beijing (ANTARA News) - Indonesia and China have agreed to strengthen cooperation in copyright protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) as part of strategic partnership agreement between the two countries.

Indonesian Minister of Law and Human Rights Amir Syamsuddin and Chinese Copyright Protection Commissioner Tian LIPU signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on the cooperation here on Tuesday.

Amir Syamsuddin said that since the signing of the strategic partnership agreement between Indonesia and China in April 2005, and the ASEAN free trade agreement with China, trade cooperation between the two countries has been increasing.

"The growing relations between the two countries, including in the trade field also demands cooperation in the field of copyright protection," he said.

The signing of this agreement showed the strong commitment of the two countries to the protection of copyright.

"Through the cooperation of copyright protection, it is expected the relationship and cooperation between the two countries will continue to increase in the future," said Amir Syamsuddin.

He said the cooperation in the intellectual property rights protection is crucial and inevitable component in building cooperation in other areas between Indonesia and China.

"Chinese advanced copyright protection system can be a motivation for Indonesia to be better in building a system of intellectual property rights protection," said Amir.

Commissioner Tian LIPU said that copyright protection is a must in line with the the cultural and technological progresses in various fields.

"With this agreement, Indonesia and China could establish better cooperation and communication, in particular in the intellectual property rights field," he said.

"Indonesia as one of the major countries in the region has a very important role within the framework of the ASEAN-China cooperation," he said.

The two nations` agreement on the copyrights protection would also be beneficial to multilateral relations at the regional and global levels, he added.

"Moreover, Indonesia has ratified several international conventions on copyrights," he said.

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