"The scrapping of the two ships is in line with Government Regulation..."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - State Treasury Directorate General of the Finance Ministry has agreed to the scrapping of two warships, namely `KRI Teluk Semangka-512` and `KRI Berau-534` which are already in a heavily damaged condition, an official said.

Legal Affairs and Human Relations Director of the State Treasury Directorate General Tavianto Noegroho said in a press statement made available to Antara here on Thursday that the scrapping of the two Navy ships was intended to rearrange the administration of state assets.

"The scrapping of the two ships is in line with Government Regulation No. 6/2006 as amended with Government Regulation No. 38 / 2008 and Government Regulation No. 96/2007," he said.

It is mentioned in the regulations that the elimination of a state asset should be done when it already meets certain requirements, among others, the asset could no longer be used due to damage and it was no longer economical if repaired, or it could no longer be used as a result of being out-dated due to modernization.

Besides, the asset could also be destroyed if its age already exceeds the period of its specified usage, or it is already experienced a change in its specifications due to erosion, worn-out and so on.

Tavianto explained that the destruction of the two ships would be done by sinking them and making them a target of missiles in a join Navy exercise.

"The directorate general of state treasury supports the destruction of the ships in a Navy exercise," he said.

After the elimination of the state asset by destroying the ships, the Navy as the user of the asset is expected to re-arrange its administration of state assets.

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