"The prospect of Indonesia`s ornamental fish business is promising."
Pekanbaru, Riau (ANTARA News) - Indonesia is the world`s fifth biggest ornamental fish exporter after the Republic of Check, Thailand, Japan and Singapore, a senior official said.

"Indonesia ranks fifth in the world in ornamental fish exports. Its aquarium fish exports are estimated at 60 million US dollars," Director General for Cultured Fish Production of the Maritime and Fisheries Affairs Slamet Soebjakto said through his electronic message made available to ANTARA News here on Sunday.

He said that Indonesia`s aquarium cultured fish continued to develop significantly from year to year.

Indonesia`s ornamental fish production target in 2012 was set by the Maritime and Fisheries Affairs Ministry at 850 million fish. Provisional records show that production in 2012 had reached 978 million or 115.16 percent of the previous target.

Since 2011, Indonesia has ranked fifth on the list of the world`s biggest ornamental fish producers.

"The prospect of Indonesia`s ornamental fish business is promising. After all, Indonesia`s aquarium fish has different beautiful varieties, sizes and shapes. Therefore, consumers both at home and abroad believe that Indonesian aquarium fish could help reduce stress," he said.

The high interest in Indonesian aquarium fish has boosted the increase in the number of raisers and marketers who take aquarium fish as a mainstay commodity.

Therefore, the Ministry of Maritime and Fisheries Affairs continues to activate the development of both saline and fresh water ornamental fish, such as the one being developed in the Menapolitan area in Blitar District, East Java.

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