Indonesia Has Been Implementing The Blue Economy Concept For Decades

JAKARTA, 29/4 (ANTARA) -- The Ministry of Marine and Fisheries Affairs (MMFA) commits to continue implementing the blue economy concept in the national development, particularly in the marine and fishery industrialization. Last Wednesday (April, 24), MMFA sent out its delegates to be the spokespersons in the 8th World Congress on Blue Economy in Madrid, Spain. The Ministry's delegates asserted to the world that the concept of the blue economy has obviously been implemented in many Indonesian people's business activities for decades - Among others, the tilapia fish aquaculture in the North Sumatera.

The delegates were led by the Head of the Human Resource of Marine and Fishery Board (HRMFB), Suseno; the General Director of the Directorate General of Maritime, Coast and Small Islands, Sudirman Saad; the Advisor of MMFA, Sunoto; and the Secretary of HRMFB, Mulyoto. The participation of MMFA in the Congress is the follow-up of the mapping result of Nusa Penida, Bali, as a blue economy implementing area model, as well as the follow-up of "Focus Group Discussion" (FGD) conducted last March. "The Discussion is where the blue economy initiator, Gunter Pauli, delivered 38 alternative follow-up plans summarized in nine project proposing portfolios," said Suseno as the Leader of Indonesian Delegates.

Suseno continued, in the Congress, the Indonesian Delegates explained the government role in implementing the blue economy at the macro level. As the follow-up, MMFA, along with the related academics and practitioners, intensively conduct the nature development and enrichment in order to support the nature conservation. The program is expected to be able to accelerate the value increase of the community's maritime and fishery economical activities, as implemented in Nusa Penida area. This is an important piece of the blue economy strategy implementation for the maritime and fishery industrialization, which also serves to correct the conventional, damaging way in leveraging the nature. "This is to realize a concept of an efficient, zero waste, and economy-effective way of the natural resource utilization," revealed Suseno.

The participation of MMFA in the Congress is an averment of effort of the Government of Indonesia to contribute ideas in the blue economy implementing pattern. Such a pattern will potentially be the blue economy implementing model to other countries. In addition, Indonesia can also learn the other countries' blue economy implementing concept to enhance the domestic business activities and to support the government’s macro business policy. "The MMFA's participation in the Congress is also to establish the global network of blue economy," asserted Suseno.

Suseno added, the 8th Blue Economy Congress was participated by 250 attendees from 32 countries, comprising of entrepreneurs, academics, NGOs, practitioners, researchers, governments, bankers, and other communities' representatives, who announced the achievements and economic development for the countries' communities. The Congress, who was jointly organized by Spain's Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives (ZERI) and Gunter Pauli, the blue economy concept initiator, became a gathering event to all of the world's blue economy's enthusiasts. The Congress was finally held due to the 100 blue economy's innovations published as an open source in the internet. "During the Congress, the participants, especially the entrepreneurs, showed their achievements of innovative, solid business model. This enables the information sharing in the field of fishery, mining, newly-innovated chemical, and the economic area," said Suseno.

Beside the Congress, the delegates also conducted the meeting with the Ambassador of Republic of Indonesia for the Spanish Empire, Adiyatwidi Adiwoso Asmady. The report of the Congress will be in the subject list of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono for October 2013's APEC. The delegates along with the Embassy of Republic of Indonesia agreed to cooperate with the authority in the Canary Island.

For more information, please contact Indra Sakti, SE, MM, The Head of Data Statistic and Information Center, The Ministry of Maritime and Fisheries Affairs. (Ph. 0818159705)

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