Jokowi shows bass guitar gift from Metallica

Jokowi shows bass guitar gift from Metallica

Jakarta's Governor Joko Widodo and his bass guitar from Metallica's Robert Trujillo (ANTARA News/Deny Yuliansari)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo (Jokowi) showed journalists the bass guitar he had received from bass guitarist Robert Trujillo of the US noted rock band group Metallica.

"I love rock and metal musics, particularly old ones. One of them is Metallica. I`m very happy to get it (the bass guitar)," Jokowi said here on Friday.

The guitar carried the signature of Trujillo and a short message

"Giving back! To Jokowi: Keep playing that cool, funky bass!".

Jokowi said he got the guitar from Jonathan Liu, one of his friends. The Metallica bassist left the bass guitar to Liu after Trujillo knew Jokowi loved his metal rock band.

But the governor refused to play the guitar before the journalists, saying there was no supporting device.

"How can I operate this stuff? Of course, I can`t. There is no cable nor amplifier here. If I play it I am afraid the sound will not be good," he said.

Jokowi said he is also the fan of other Metallica members including Lars Ulrich (drummer) and James Hadfild (vocalist).

He said he also loves other music groups of the 1980s such as Led Zeppelin, Lamb of God, Judas Priest and Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Megadeth and Guns and Roses.