Twelve Acehnese fishermen still missing

Banda Aceh, Aceh (ANTARA News) - A total of 12 Acehnese traditional fishermen have gone missing during the last three days after being hit by a storm in the Indian Ocean, an official said.

"Ten surviving fishermen have been found but we are still searching the other 12," Head of West Aceh Disaster Response Team Yusbar said here on Susoh Subdistrict, Monday.

Yusbar said there were a total of 22 traditional fishermen on two motor boats fishing on Susoh water.

A thunderstorm hit the Susoh water and drown 10 bagan (fishing structures) and the fishermen`s boats around three days ago, Yusbar said.

"We and the Search and Rescue team are still searching the missing fishermen," Yusbar said.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Governor of Aceh, Muzakir Manaf, on Monday visited the family of the missing fishermen.

The Deputy Governor gave aid in a value of Rp50 million for each family.

One of the local fishermen Sabri said that he could not go fishing for one week because of bad weather.

"We are not going to fish as the weather is not going to normal until the next week. All of the fishermen have their boats moored on the port," Sabri said.