The important task is developing local talent and providing them with training."
Singapore (ANTARA News) - Multinational chemical company BASF has considered Indonesia having a great potential for the crop protection business after several disasters hit agriculture land recently.

"I think Indonesia is one of rapidly growing markets on crop protection because of the phenomenon that the country needs to increase the agriculture productivity," said BASF`s Senior Vice President for Crop Protection Division for Asia and the Pacific Raman Ramachandran here, Thursday evening.

According to Raman, the need to increase agriculture productivity is an important factor that shows the crop protection business can be developed.

Several disasters that hit Indonesia in recent months caused farmers to suffer losses, but, according to Raman, they can boost the productivity by utilizing several technologies in crop protection program.

"Of course the problems of pest and plant diseases will appear, but the farmers can avoid such problems by utilizing the proper crop protection technology," he said.

Raman said the related stake holders on agriculture productivity should also develop the local talent with better knowledge on how to eliminate disease and share acknowledge to the farmers.

"The important task is developing local talent and providing them with training," he said.

Raman said the training effort for people to have better knowledge in farming is also an investment for the company.

"We also invest on people who have more efforts in involving the research and development on farming technology and adapting the invention on local condition," Raman said.

The BASF sales to customer that located in Asia and the Pacific in 2012 reached Euro 12.5 billion with at least 16.406 employees working for the company in the region.

Meanwhile, the total research and development expenditures of BASF Crop Protection in 2012 reached Euro 430 million, an increase by Euro 18 million from the 2011 figure, or up by seven 7 percent in average.

"That is the reason the crop protection is growing and we as the technology provider expected that our business will consistently grow and we will do what is necessary to increase business in Indonesia by working together with farmers," Raman said.

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