Bring your products along and ask the experts on how to give them an added-value."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Officials from Support Foundation, an organization to support Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), funded by Thailand`s Queen Sirikit, will give a business course to Indonesian entrepreneurs.

Head of BNI`s Corporate Community Responsibility Nancy Martasuta said at a press conference in Jakarta on Monday, some experts from the Support Foundation Thailand will give the business course during an exhibition named "BNI Kampoeng Nusantara 2013" at Jakarta Convention Center on July 10 to 13, 2013.

"Thailand is a good example of SMEs success story in Southeast Asia where SMEs had contributed to the nation`s GDP. Hence, BNI has invited the Support Foundation and has asked for the Queen Sirikit`s permit for it to give a business course during four days of BNI Kampoeng Nusantara 2013," said Nancy.

According to Nancy, the course would be divided into packaging and organic products themes sessions that would be conducted in day one and three for packaging sessions and day two and four for the organic products sessions.

Nancy noted that Indonesian SMEs` products have weakness in packaging, particularly foods and beverages to make them durable for long distance exports.

Meanwhile, on organic products, Nancy said Indonesian SMEs should learn Thai technology on how to make an organic product has long lasting quality such as in terms of color and durability.

"All courses are free of charge. Everybody is invited and SMEs entrepreneurs can have direct consultation with the experts from the Support Foundation," she said.

"Bring your products along and ask the experts on how to give them an added-value," added Nancy.

The BNI Kampoeng Nusantara 2013 will be held at Jakarta Convention Center and participated in by hundred stands from BNI`s trained partners, including 20 clusters of Kampoeng BNI partners, 45 major trained partners, 25 micro credit loans participants, and 15 entrepreneurship partners.

To celebrate the fasting month of Ramadhan, BNI Kampoeng Nusantara would also provide other events such as free art and traditional music workshops, religious lessons and would also invite orphans to have "iftar" (or diner after fasting) as part of its 67th anniversary.

"For the BNI debit and credit cards holders, we offer 20 percent discount for all goods sold on our stands," said Nancy.

(T.Azi Fitriyanti/Uu.H-YH)

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